Meet our new developers!

Meet our new developers at 7 Generation Games! Julie Malyshev and Ali Mohamud began as interns, but now they’re helping develop and test our games and Growing Math homepage as full-time developers.

Julie Malyshev

Julie Malyshev studies Computer Science and Art at the University of Minnesota. She has always been passionate about video games, and her dream is to become a game developer or a graphics programmer.

“I have created some cool programs that include: dancing animations using motion capture data, artistic renditions of flocking behavior seen in birds, and a visual representation of an agent finding the shortest path to a destination in real time. I love working on the games at 7 Generation Games because everyday I can work on something that I am excited about!”

Ali Mohamud

Ali Mohamud attends Augsburg University in Minneapolis. He’s graduating soon with a bachelor’s in Computer Science and a minor in Management Information Systems. 

“One of my favorite projects from school has to be a tic tac toe game I created in Common Lisp. It was my first time doing game development and working with Lisp. I found the logic behind games very fascinating especially when it came to creating an AI to play against real players for this game. I still have a couple more ideas for the game that I’d like to revisit such as making an unbeatable version of the AI which should present even more interesting problems. 
I’m very excited about the future. My technical abilities keep growing every day. I’m really interested in seeing what I’ll be able to make as my skills keep growing and what new problems I come across.”

Julie, Ali, we hope you fulfill all your dreams in life. 7 Generation Games is just the beginning. May the force be with you both!

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