Need Parenting Advice? We’re There!

Need parenting advice? 7 Generation Games has got you covered! You probably wouldn’t think of a math and social studies video game company as your first source for parenting advice, or maybe you do, but we’re there for you. That’s why AnnMaria and Maria sat down to record another episode of the “More Than Ordinary” podcast. Here are a couple behind the scene photos from the recording session.





Above are the show notes that are written out before every episode is recorded. They read as follows:

Advice on Parenting

—> Best for your kid, not for you

       – selective advocate

—> Punishment

       – no whacking (unless they hit you)

       – Rhadi says you can whack kids

       – Maria says don’t hit women

—> No one needs a 15- year old friend

       – Be consistent

       – You’re the adult, you don’t need to be bigger

   —> Jen + etc. after Ron died

Making Camp is coming…  “

After reading those show notes, you won’t want to miss the advice that we have to share! So stay tuned for this upcoming episode of “More Than Ordinary.”

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