More than Ordinary Teens: Boarding School, Bias and Guest Music

With co-host Maria Burns Ortiz at the White House, Julia De Mars fills in giving the inside view of boarding school, studying, social life & other tips on being a more than ordinary teen. Music by Terry Ilous, who will be next week's podcast guest.

Julia at graduation

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5 thoughts on “More than Ordinary Teens: Boarding School, Bias and Guest Music

  • Mike

    It was Matt Stone that went to and commented on Columbine. I can’t believe I am a hearing a cover of “Heaven & Hell” on this podcast. That is my all time favorite Sabbath song from my favorite Sabbath record.

    • AnnMaria De Mars Post author

      Thanks for the information on Matt Stone. It was really nice of Terry to give us permission to play his song on the podcast. Next episode we have an interview with him and more music

  • Elaine

    I appreciate the thank you on the podcast Dr Mars. I wasn’t expecting that! You know you are welcome. When I do things, out of love, I say I do something because God puts it on my heart to do so. I find when I am giving, without expecting things in return, it seems ordinary at the time. I will give of my time, or donate on something, because it feels like the right thing to do. I will go on, and honestly forget. I feel its the love that is more than ordinary. I think the power of love is something to talk about in future podcasts. If you love something, you are more inclined to put the work in. For example, you started out with a math dream that seemed impossible years ago. You put the work in, because you love math, and boom, now you are living your math dream. At last I can help you, like I wanted to years ago. By helping you, I am helping others, get smarter. I hope more people sponsor classrooms. I think showing some love is a great counter movement to all the bad news.