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3 thoughts on “Winners Know When to Quit

  • thegirlhasnoname

    Is this premeditated? Podcastin is social media. I think your authentiticity is suffering because it sounds like you are deliberately trying to make a point with the relationships vs pivoting. One reason why companies fail to connect to clients in social media is because they either are not authentic or they come off that way for some reason. Podcast like this is supposed to make the listener feel like they are ears dropping into a real conversation. Not listening to someone read from a paper. Just a some friendly advice. You do you 🙂

    • AnnMaria De Mars Post author

      Nope, this is what our real conversations are like. Because we’re running a startup, this is the sort of thing we talk about all of the time. I do write some scientific papers. They do not include discussion of turtle sweaters, although I think that would probably add to them.

      • thegirlhasnoname

        Authenticity is not defined by how scientific something is. Good luck on your startup you’re giving good value.