Straight Outta Spirit Lake Dakota Nation

"You're at work and a guy whips out his wallet with a big FBI badge and says, I want to ask you some questions." Spirit Lake Vocational Rehabilitation Project Director, Marshall Longie explains how a project went from management indicted on federal charges to a model of success for other social service programs. Advice: Be honest. They probably already know the problems. Focus on the daily successes. The key to recruiting people to your program is RESPECT, regardless of age or disability, show everyone the same respect you would your own family members.

Marshall Longie and the podcast team

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2 thoughts on “Straight Outta Spirit Lake Dakota Nation

  • Carol Davis

    What an impressive young man. What an impressive program…. Love the stats he shared. Data is important and it reveals the success of the Voc Rehab program Marshal directs. Loved the chit-chat, too!