Father Mike: More than Ordinary Priest

Father Michael Gutierrez reminisces with Maria and AnnMaria about the challenges of having the Rousey-DeMars-Burns clan in the parish, including punching altar servers, purple hair. He also confesses that he skipped watching the pope say mass to watch the Raiders play. Father Mike explains the need to love everyone, even the haters. Maria and Father Mike remind us to consider the humanity in everyone, immigrant or alt-right. AnnMaria remains unconvinced. We all agree that immigrants deserve compassion.

Father Mike baptizing Maria's baby

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One thought on “Father Mike: More than Ordinary Priest

  • Lisa Garcia

    Father Michael Gutierrez is the most down to earth person I know. He is worth more than his weight in gold. And he does more than meets the eye. It’s something that can’t be gift wrapped but it can be felt. He’s that great big personality that stands out and the biggest Romeo there could be. A hopeless romantic like me who could have everything and he’s wonderful. Love, Lisa Garcia, Eucharistic Minister