Prevent Summer Learning Loss with Making Camp Lakota!

We care about our software running smoothly across all our platforms. Making Camp Lakota was just optimized for schools so everyone can have a much better learning experience.

Making Camp Lakota is Free to Play Online

If you haven’t heard, Making Camp Lakota is free to play online. Our free apps for Android and iOS are also ready for download in the Google Play store and the iOS App Store.

Supporting Bilingual Education in Indian Country

Teachers interviewed said they wanted to see more of the students’ cultures reflected in the curriculum. Some said they wanted to be able to teach them using more technology. Making Camp Lakota is in both English and Lakota. Players can switch between either language at any time. Learning math and history in two languages can’t get any better than this.

What is the Thunder Valley Community Development Corporation?

The initial funding for Making Camp Lakota was made possible by our collaboration with the Thunder Valley Community Development Corps. The Thunder Valley Community Development Corp. is an organization that supports Lakota lifeways, wellness and the community. 7 Generation Games and Thunder Valley worked to bring Making Camp Lakota to tribal students on or near the reservation. We have since promoted it to all students so that everyone can learn about Lakota history, culture and get familiar with this tribal language at no cost to educators and families.

Making Camp Lakota is Part of Growing Math

Teachers in Growing Math get Making Camp Lakota for free in addition to access to all our games. Our Growing Math teacher platform hosts our lesson and digital resources library, complete with 7 Generation Games access for educators and their students.

How do teachers get started in using 7 Generation Games in class, integrated with math or social studies lessons? All educators need to do is attend a no-cost live webinar or asynchronous self-paced training to best get familiar with Growing Math. Afterward, free access to the games is provided. Teachers can start integrating the games with the lessons in class right away.

Our program compensates eligible teachers with stipends for full Growing Math participation. Six states are stipend-eligible: Arizona, Minnesota, New Mexico, North Dakota, Oregon and South Dakota.

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