Round 2: Help us choose the name of our next video game

The last few weeks, everyone in the office has been hard at work on our brand new game. We’re gearing up to launch our Kickstarter for the game on Friday, March 27th but when having our Google Hangout meeting yesterday, we realized that we STILL don’t have a name for our Web App game yet.

This is where we need your help! We had a round one of name selection with the top four picks by our staff and in the “I have a better idea” option in that survey, our users, fans and generally brilliant people suggested dozens of other names.

We have narrowed the possibilities down to the final four and we need you to help us choose the best one.

Below is a description of the game. If you can take just a minute to read it, we would love to have you vote on the name that you think would be the best fit for our new game.


“After learning how their Ojibwe ancestors walked half-way across the continent, Angie and Sam decide it would be an adventure to follow in their footsteps. No one believes a couple of ordinary teenagers can make it a thousand miles. At each level, there is a new game – canoeing down river to meet an uncle who can help them, scavenging in the woods and avoiding the rabid skunks, making it through a maze set up by yet another crazy relative who has a map.

We fit in the cultural part through flashbacks. If they come across an artifact in the woods, say, a half-buried tomahawk, then a video will play telling the story of a famous chief who owned this tomahawk and what his life was like when he dropped it there.”


Which name do you like best for our new game?

  • Forgotten Trail
  • Ancestral Journey
  • Trail to Truth
  • Abandoned Adventure


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