Story Line and Artwork


The photo above was drawn by one of our artists in part for “clip art”. That is, the arrows, dreamcatcher and different parts of it are clipped out when we need decoration on a page. Sometimes we’ll have a memory game that includes both answers and equations under some cards and pictures under others. The girl was the first draft. She’s been changed a bit – lost the feather, got some new beadwork. She doesn’t have a name yet, but she is going to be a main character in our second game.

carolI’ve been working on the story line for the second game. We have several levels drafted out. Dr. Carol Davis from the Turtle Mountain Band of Chippewa Indians has been our resident expert on the history, culture and art for the Chippewa (Ojibwe).

She was vice-president of Turtle Mountain Community College for many years, as well as principal investigator of several grants on teaching science, technology, engineering and mathematics to tribal college students, so we are super excited to be working with her.

I need to get these levels sketched out in the next few days for her approval, because Dr. Erich Longie, our consultant from the Spirit Lake Dakota Nation is coming out in two weeks and we need to be ready to record his voice for the grandfather figure in some of the movies that will pop-up in the first game. The first one we are doing is on counting coup. We also have some stories about bears, traditional medicine and becoming  a common man or common woman (and that’s a good thing).