Teacher Resource: Bar Graphs in the iPad Game

While one aspect of my internship here at 7GenerationGames is to test our games (Spirit Lake and Fish Lake), I am also responsible for compiling teacher resources for our new iPad game currently in development. Essentially, I help the 7GenerationGames team come up with additional math exercises when students need additional practice with specific concepts. By continuing to place enormous focus on the learning that occurs before, during, and after each level the user completes, 7GenerationGames has seen its students raise their mathematics test scores. As a result, I am working on lesson plans that address reading and understanding bar graphs.

Screenshot 2014-10-01 12.33.03                Screenshot 2014-10-01 12.16.04


As seen above, I have already begun drafting exercises and lesson plans that will be readily available to students who require additional practice. Though one aspect of the iPad game tests students’ understanding of bar graphs, I wanted to ensure students grasp the fundamentals of creating a bar graph. I cannot wait and see what else I can contribute to the teacher resources site for the iPad game!

For the next teacher resource, I am looking forward to making the bar graph example a bit more elaborate and include more relevant cultural references. AnnMaria, our CEO and Founder, has suggested a story of a young boy named Broken Tooth who holds the secret to hunting the most buffalo. I cannot wait to get started!


– Trent, Intern

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