Teaching mathematics in a unique way

During my summer internship at 7 Generation Games, I was able to practice my passion of teaching mathematics in a unique way. I learned how to create video lessons that focused on different math concepts which were used in computer video games tailored to children.

In these videos, I focused mainly on like fractions, unlike fractions, mixed fractions, and common denominators. Prior to my internship at 7 Generation Games, I did not have any experience with creating videos, recording voice-overs, or creating dialogues. While engaging in these activities, I was able to successfully create several mini video lessons for Fish Lake.

In addition to the video creation, I was given the opportunity to create charts to help children learn division. I also developed flash cards with fractions to help the children playing the Fish Lake.

Probably the best part about the internship was getting paid to play the video games that we were creating! ¬†It was great being able to have exclusive access to the beta version of the games as they rolled out. ¬†I tested both of our games, Spirit Lake and Fish Lake, to make sure that that everything worked fluidly on all browsers and that there weren’t any glitches that varied from PC to Mac devices.

Being an intern at 7 Generation Games was a great opportunity. I was able to engage in a creative way to help teach math to children, work in an amazing environment, and get to meet new people who helped make this experience a remarkable one.  If you are looking for an internship in the future, I would highly recommend taking a look at 7 Generation Games.

Here are a few examples of some the work the I did during my 7 Generation Games internship below.

Blog written by Diana Hamideh, 7 Generation Games intern.

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