Ten minute lesson: Antonyms

What’s an antonym?

An antonym is a word that means the opposite of another word. Adjectives can have antonyms. So can adverbs and verbs . Did you know that sometimes you can make a word into its antonym just by adding a prefix? Don’t know what a prefix is?

Watch this video to learn all about antonyms and what the heck is a prefix anyway?

Note: This video is also included in the game, Making Camp Premium

To watch the video in the game pick WORDS and then click on the box with the boy and the old lady. I can say that because I, too , am an old lady.

Now that you’ve watched the video , go to Making Camp Premium and test your knowledge . Play a matching game where you match words with their antonyms. Earn points you can trade at the trading post to get good stuff for your wigwam.

The antonyms game is also under WORDS in Making Camp Premium. Click the box with the cards

Wait! There’s more!

Want a Powerpoint of this video? Get it here?

Want a PowerPoint of the video IN SPANISH? Here you go!

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