The Importance of Technology in Education

For many years, the use of technology has been questioned by education experts. While some affirm that the early use of it can be detrimental to children’s development, others affirm that its integration into education can generate more enriching and personalized learning instances.

The truth is that nowadays e-learning education is becoming increasingly necessary and having educational resources is easier through technology. Every day there’s more content available on the internet that can be used as a teaching tool. There are educational video games, apps, videos, and their effective use will depend on how we as parents/teachers/or others use them.

A very important reason that we should use technology is the ability to bring concepts to life. When you can present the concept in a digitally interactive, dynamic or animated form, students are more likely able to understand and grasp math concepts. And when they understand the concept they perform better.

Because a picture tells 1,000 words

plot showing improvement of intervention group

The pilot study

Fourth- and fifth- grade students from two schools in the same rural community were tested on multiplication, division and basic math facts. After 10 weeks, students were tested again. Students who had played our games an average of 30 minutes, twice a week, improved their math scores 50%.  The control group school students improved their scores 10% . Students in classes that played the games less often (the fifth-graders) improved less than 50% but still more than the control group.

 These scores improved 50% – why does your marketing say “over 30%” ?

We have since replicated these results with larger samples, in different communities and with our games for older students. Not every school showed the dramatic improvement of our pilot study, but the average improvement is around 30% and significantly higher than control groups. 

Not convinced yet? Here are 4 more benefits of using technology for learning:

  1. Increases creativity.
  2. It promotes student-centered learning.
  3. Engages students.
  4. Creates freedom and independence in learning.

In our commitment to make education accessible to all, until July 22, 7 Generation Games is making all of our games and apps available for free for everyone.

If you are an educator and want to set up a classroom/school account so that teachers can access student data reports, please email

We recognize that “transitioning education online” isn’t possible or easily accessible for many families and communities. That said, almost all of our apps have an offline version and can run on a smartphone or device without using data or Wi-Fi once they’re downloaded.

We’re all in this together.

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