The Intern Diaries

Hello 7 Gen Games fans, users, and supporters! My name is David. I am the company’s new intern, or as we like to call it here at 7 Gen Games, the new “Research Associate.” Sounds more official, doesn’t it? Anyways, as a RA this summer, it will be my duty to assist in the sound completion 7 Gen’s first ever game, Spirit Lake, as well as our other projects currently in development. This means that I will be spending much of my time exploring the online world of Spirit Lake in order to ensure that when it is released, the program is running smoothly so that you, the user, won’t experience any problems during your quest to become a respected member of your tribe by applying math concepts to real-world survival problems.

And so far so good! After playing the game through several times on multiple browsers, I have yet to find anything tremendously wrong with the game itself. This obviously reflects the tremendous talent we have on board in regards to our programming staff–shout out to Ann Maria and Dennis! But more importantly is the fact that even after playing Spirit Lake: The Game almost six times through, I have yet to become bored with its contents. This is because of all the surprises each level contains. For example, when I purposefully missed an answer to a simple multiplication problem, rather than returning to the game, I was instead directed to a clear and concise tutorial on times tables, which, I should add, I had to pass in order to continue playing.

We like to call these “Easter Eggs,” for like the holiday treasure their discovery surprises and excites people. However, unlike a real Easter Egg, ours are not edible, nor does finding one reward you with chocolaty-goodness. In any sense, this element of surprise that we embed in our games keeps the user engaged. It keeps them guessing. And as a result, it keeps them an active participant in their learning experience. It makes students want to learn. As such, learning should be fun! It shouldn’t be dreaded! Let me explain.

Recall the joy you felt the last time you conquered something difficult, be it a skill, question, or experience? Indeed this was learning in disguise, for education needn’t be confined to the classroom. Rather, education includes each instance where a growth in one’s understanding of the world occurs, however slightly. And this simple awareness is what inspires learning itself….It is what propels children’s curiosity….Indeed it is what continues to push society forward…

And so here at 7 Generation Games, we aim to provide students with a fun and engaging learning experience. This is why I am so honored to be apart of the 7 Generations Team as there is a higher purpose for our work, which makes it so much more enjoyable.

Stay posted for the next installment of this series, where I will layout my newest findings and divulge on my experiences as an intern, I mean research associate, here at 7 Gen Games.  Also, be sure to subscribe to our YouTube channel (7generationgames) and Facebook page, where you will be able to view new video content from our current and future projects as well as news regarding our progress of both! Thanks!



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