Throwback Thursday: Randomness

Going through our archives, we came across this great post by Dr. AnnMaria De Mars from September 4, 2015 “Randomness” that we wanted to share in case you missed it the first time around.

Life has been really crazy lately and I haven’t been blogging as much. We’re in the Boom Startup Ed Tech accelerator, raising funds from investors to bring 7 Generation Games to the next level.

So, I’ve been flying back and forth between here and Salt Lake City, which is just amazingly beautiful.

As always, life has its share of good and bad.

Good: Gompers Middle School Judo is back in session, with many of our wonderful kids from last year and some new ones.

Every week, I think that I really don’t have 4- 5 hours to spare from work to drive in rush hour traffic to south LA and back and teach for an hour and a half. Every week,  I feel blessed and privileged to spend a couple of hours with some of the best people I know.

Caution: Rant ahead

I absolutely HATE those coaches with the attitude that,

“You need to prove to me that you are good enough for me to coach. Work out here for six months, a year, two years and maybe I will honor you with the grace of my coaching.”

Okay, seriously, who the fuck do you people think you are? Who raised you and what the fuck was wrong with them? I’m a world champion, Ph.D. and have founded multiple companies. Every single person that comes into Gompers Middle School Judo program, I try honestly and sincerely to teach them to the best of my ability from the very first day. They made the effort to overcome their fears to walk through the door. They are the child of someone who loves them very much, just like I love my children (no matter how old they are) and I am going to treat them with the same kindness and respect that I hope someone treats each of my children.

Let me tell you something – if you are a coach and you make someone train at your gym for 3 months, 6 months, a year or more until you condescend to train them it is not because you are such a great coach that they need to earn your attention. IT IS BECAUSE YOU ARE A F****** A******.

On to another thing (I told you this was random) …

Bad then Good: I sincerely apologize to everyone who told me they bought/ purchased games in the last two weeks. I was getting very down thinking we had zero sales AND the world was full of a bunch of liars. Turns out the email on the sales reports was being misdirected. Oops. Hope you enjoyed the games!


I wrote a blog about the Ronda bubble and half a dozen people (including a couple of women!) called to be reassured that they weren’t the man I was talking about who wanted me to go with him to tell Ronda she was headed in the wrong direction. Of course, it was none of them because wouldn’t you think if I recounted a conversation we’d had, you’d recognize it?

This further reinforces my belief that if someone is a true dumbass you can write about them freely as long as you don’t use their name and they will never recognize themselves. Such is the nature of dumbasses. Maybe I should do a wikipedia entry on that.

I was thinking today about a young woman I know who is extremely bright. She ought to be working towards her Ph.D. She is truly fascinated by science and would be a brilliant success. Instead, she picks up with one loser boyfriend after another that she is trying to rescue, and is just limping along taking random courses, still finishing her bachelor’s degree. Why is it that some incredibly talented people just can’t see how good they are? This isn’t a rhetorical question. I really don’t know.

If I ever figure that out I’m going to patent it, sell it and I won’t need investor funds because I will have billions of dollars and be laughing my mad scientist laugh – moo ha ha – as I fly over you all in my helicopter on my way to my private island with a herd of winged zebracorns.

Well, I suppose I should go to bed since I have to work all day tomorrow (and every day over this 3-day weekend) because that’s the deal when you run a startup.  You can jump in and buy our games, or donate one to a classroom. They’re fun and you’ll learn stuff.


Canoe through the rapids and go spear fishing all while learning your fractions. Buy Fish Lake today! 

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