Two pictures are worth 2,000 words: Progress on Fish Lake

They say a picture is worth 1,000 words. So, I thought today I would show you how Fish Lake is progressing from the alpha version to a soon-to-be-released beta version.
This is what our Fish Lake start page was.
old start page with boring text


And this is what it will be after I finish working on it today.
page with artwork and more options

Not only is the artwork a lot prettier, but we have also added more mini-games that kids can play to practice math facts, from simple division to adding fractions. We have direct links to our educational videos, which teachers have requested, and we have a “best of the Internet” section. We have had the artwork from Justin for a while now, but between getting Spirit Lake ready for the final school demonstrations in October, uploading our demo version and finishing the rest of the math challenges for Fish Lake, there just wasn’t time to get it incorporated into the build until now.

So, that is what I did at work today.

One of the reasons I post on game progress occasionally is that I meet students who say they are interested in game development and I thought it would be useful for them to have an opportunity to see a game as it is being built. Click on the Game Progress or Dog Food categories for more examples.

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