Wait- We’re supposed to work for ourselves? Not the money?

In yesterday’s post, I ended with Jose and Gonzalo sharing the VR and AR presentations. After their presentation we had a short 15 minute break. During this break I made small talk with whoever wasn’t on social media or getting refreshments. Again, many kids wanted to work in gaming and the artistic side. Talking to these kids reminded me when I was an early teen. Growing up, art was my alone time. For presents I would get more art supplies. I remember for my tenth birthday getting an easel and immediately using it to paint.

I wasn’t bad at my artistic skills either. In fact in 6th grade I won the “design the camping patch” for girls scouts which was submitted by over 500 girl scouts.

In high school I took studio arts and did well with oil pastels and painting.And I began to think, when did I stop drawing? Because I used to draw all the time, carry a notepad and doddle anywhere I went.
It began in my sophomore year in high school with the question that sounded like this,”

What do you want to do when you grow up?”

And within a couple of months I received comments like this,

“That career won’t take you far”,

“what are you going to do what THAT?”,

or my favorite,

“Will you even make money?”

These comments were from respected adults in my life and in result changed my perspective on my career and ultimately what I wanted to do with my life. I don’t find myself as a teacher, biology isn’t my forte, so I guess the safe bet is business! In business you talk to people and I like people! Plus, it’s good on the financial side.

I would like to note that I have a deep love for the business field but I wish that adults would let young people study what makes them happy. I was lucky that I started to love my field of study but I know not everyone does. Many people earn a degree in a field for the money rather than for happiness and to help people.
It’s 2017- the future is technology and gaming. These kids can and will accomplish a lot if they stick to their passions. I’m glad 7 Generation Games told them what I needed to hear when I was a young teen.
Thanks to these kids, I’ll be buying a new sketch book- preferably on clearance- and start sketching on the way to work(I take the metro, I don’t sketch and drive).
And just my luck, marketing involves the artistic side as well. Who knows, maybe I can draw a character for 7 Generation Games? Well maybe I can draw a tree…I heard we can always use that in our games.

Who am I kidding- I don’t know the latest technology for animation. But we do have some dope art! Check them out!

You can see our games here. For  nearly every device from Windows to iPad. Prices range from free to under ten bucks.

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