Walking the Walk: Making Education Accessible

What does it mean to care about education? Our vision at 7 Generation Games is that all students will have access to resources to succeed academically.

No one is going to tell you that they don’t care about education or that they only want children from wealthy families to succeed …

… but what have they really done?

When you examine educational technology companies,  it’s hard to see how they have given any thought to making education more accessible and more equitable. From our beginning as 7 Generation Games, Inc. in Santa Monica,California, until the opening of Strong Mind Studios in Santiago, Chile, providing access for all students has been fundamental to our game design. Our games have always worked on old devices and with unstable or slow Internet.

This is why we’ve added:

  • Applications that work offline so students do not need Internet access. Not everyone has wi-fi access at home or an unlimited data plan.
  • Incorporation of the “Read Me” button on most pages or voiceover so that children who do not read well can access the material.
  • Three bilingual, Spanish-English games and one game in Spanish
  • Bilingual games in the Lakota and Dakota tribal languages
  • Teacher resources – videos, PowerPoints and lesson plans – in English and Spanish

Do you know our Augmented Reality apps Counting by 2 Languages AR and Math: The Universal Language AR?

Games for multiplication, division, fractions and statistics allow students to proceed at their own pace

We recommend that all students begin with our games that teach multiplication and division. Making Camp Bilingual and Making Camp. Students progress at their own pace so that when they complete a game they can move on to a more difficult one. If they find the earlier games easy, all the better! There’s nothing wrong with a student gaining confidence about their math skills.


Once they have finished the games that teach multiplication and division, they can move on to the games that teach fractions and statistics, AzTech: The Story Begins and “Aztech: Meet the Maya.”

Not every student learns best in the same way – so we offer multiple modalities and multiple languages

Within the games, students can select the type of resource they wish to use to learn, such as a video, a web page to read or an activity as practice problems. Selecting the language in which they want to learn, either Spanish or English.

There’s more work to be done

We’ve made major in-roads in making games accessible to students regardless of income or language. The self-pacing and voiceover features allow use by students with learning disabilities. Still, we’re the first to acknowledge that there is a lot more work to be done. We’re creating more lesson plans for teachers so that it’s easier to integrate our software into their curriculum. We’ll be adding more modules in statistics and science. We’d love to make our games more usable by students with visual impairments. We’re not accessible to 100% of students – yet – but we will keep walking in that direction until we get there!

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7 Generation Games makes immersive video games and interactive apps that teach math, integrating social studies and language arts – in English and Spanish. Our games target players ages 8-14, teaching multiplication, division, fractions, and statistics. Click the image below to see all of our games!


Math games for grades 3 to 8

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