Kickstarter: We did it! But it’s not over yet

We did it! We not only hit, but exceeded $20,000—and with 48 hours to go!

The video below shows you what we’re doing around our respective home offices at the moment.

So there goes our plans for a dramatic racing-to-the-finish push where we were directing everyone to dig through their couch cushions in a frantic attempt to hit our all-or-nothing amount, holding our breath as the Kickstarter tally was going up and time was winding down. THANK YOU FOR THAT!

We’re incredibly grateful for the support we’ve gotten for 7 Generation Games and Spirit Lake: The Game. We were floored by the incredible generosity of our backers.

Before we get into some more celebration of hitting our mark (and we will), we wanted to ask you to please remember the campaign’s not over—there’s still almost two days left to back our game!

The more funding we raise, the more difference we can make!

As we laid out in both our Kickstarter video and project description, our plans for any money we raised after exceeding our $20,000 goal (which we did, yippee!) include:

  • Purchasing additional computers for student use.
  • Developing additional game levels.
  • Expanding to additional grade levels.

So while we’ve hit our initial funding goal, we still have almost two more days to raise even more funds to put toward getting our game into the hands of as many kids as possible, as quickly as possible.

Also, for each additional $25 pledged another student will get a game licence. (Or $250 for a classroom, $1,000 for an entire school—or if you’re feeling especially generous, there are still three more avatar rewards.)

OK, back to the party!

The Oscars just happened, so we’ll take our cue from Hollywood’s biggest night and try to keep it both brief as well as try not to forget anyone. We’re a little teary-eyed, overwhelmed, so bear with us:

  • We’re excited to work with the backers who selected the “Create a Character” reward to incorporate new faces (literally) into our game.
  • We’re ecstatic to be able to tell more than 20 classrooms full of students (between our school, classroom and individual student licences) that they’ll be getting access to our game because of our backers’—as in your—support.
  • We’re touched by those backers who made what they might have felt to be modest pledges, but that we know were a sacrifice to them.
  • We’re floored by the generosity and belief in our project that our backers showed, whether it was in giving $1 or $1,000.
  • We’re so encouraged by the way the online community came through and rallied to support our game.
  • We’re incredibly touched by the support our families, friends, co-workers and others who know us showed in backing our game.
  • We’re moved by the way people who were complete strangers gave to our game because they see potential.
  • We have had an amazing opportunity to connect with people around the globe to promote our game—and we promise not to let you down.
  • We look forward to sharing the game with those of you who selected to receive it and to the students’ your backing will go to support!