We Made a Game About How We Make Games!

One of the things we’ve learned in making games is that players like games that give them options, so I thought I’d start this blog post by letting you make a choice. Think of it as a (very low budget) choose-your-adventure version of our blog posts.

Option 1: You mentioned a game in the subject line, take me directly to the game! Click here for the game*.

Option 2: I want to learn a little more about this game before I jump into playing it. Read on.

You might recall that we’ve been talking a bit about 7 Gen Blocks, the educational game development platform we’ve been building. (You can read more about Blocks here.) While Blocks in its final form will be a platform that makes it possible for anyone to make educational games without needing to know how to code, Blocks started as an in-house platform. We built Blocks so that we could make games faster and at a lower cost than other educational game-making tools.

As part of our commitment to educational equity and our belief that all kids deserve to see themselves and their communities reflected in the games they play and the curriculum they’re taught, making games more affordable meant that we could lower the barriers to entry to creating educational games.

With Blocks as an in-house tool, we make it possible for organizations – ranging from a variety of nonprofits, educational publishers, tribes and more – to be able to have games made. This matters because while our games are both fun and games, our games aren’t just fun and games. Our games also provide a way for the partners we work with to further their impact, whether it’s by getting their information out to a much wider audience or further engaging their existing audience.

Of course, you can tell people that or you can show them, which is why we created this super cool game about how we make games.

Play Our Newest Game!

Click the image above to play our newest game.

* Make sure to play this game on a computer. We have found that the vast majority of students in school and adults doing workplace training are using computers. 

Interested in having us make a game for you? Know anyone who might be? Let’s chat!

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