Welcome to a revolution in educational video gaming! 3

Welcome to a revolution in educational video gaming!

7 Generation Games makes games incorporating math, Native American history and adventure gaming. Our products are currently used in more than 20 schools and after-school programs. We believe in educating through engaging.

Spirit Lake: The Game is commercially available. Our second game, Fish Lake, is being beta tested in classrooms around the country. We are in development on our first mobile/tablet game with beta release slated for Summer 2014.

What do our games do?

Target: Our first three games are aimed at fourth, fifth and sixth grade students. However, beta schools also have found our product to be very successful with students working below grade level. As a student plays our game, the program is designed to identify trouble areas and tailor the game to focus on those concepts.

Teach: Our games teach students practical applications of math concepts, aligned with Common Core standards. When students get answers wrong, they’re routed to learning modules they must complete to return to gameplay. Supplemental teacher resources are also provided for educators.

Test: We test student comprehension of math concepts. We quiz in ways that ensure students grasp the information covered, not by using multiple-choice options where kids can just guess.

Track: Our game tracks student progress and provides that data in an easy-to-digest report for teachers.

Triumph: Most importantly, our game produces results. Students who played our game for just eight weeks saw their scores improve 300 percent over students in the control group.

For more information on 7 Generation Games or to purchase, visit us at
www.7generationgames.com/about/ or contact info@7generationgames.com.


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