Welcome to “Spirit Lake: The Game” Version 4.0!

Our latest version of “Spirit Lake: The Game” is now available — and better than ever we might add.

As your computers and smartphones are constantly reminding you, every software product — from Microsoft Office to Candy Crush — is constantly issuing updates. There are the little ones that patch up the random bug and bigger ones that include a bunch of improvements all at once.

Our goal is to provide our users with an absolutely perfect product, and the newest version of Spirit Lake takes our game to the next level.

If you haven’t checked the game out yet, here’s your chance. We’re giving our blog readers a 50% off code to use when you buy or purchase copy of the game: BLOG50 [Valid through 11/13]

You can click here to go our “Purchase Page.”

Or just click the red “PURCHASE” button up there in the right-hand corner.

Among the improvements we’ve made over the last year:

  • We’ve fixed dozens of little bugs. Some of them you may have encountered, some of them you may have never seen. Either way, we’ve squashed them all.
  • We’ve revamped the entire intro to the game.
  • We’ve made installation 20 times easier. For Mac, it’s as easy as dragging an icon into your Applications folder. For PC users, just a couple of clicks and you’re good to go.
  • Browser compatibility is no longer an issue. Whether you use Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Explorer, our game will run on your computer. (However, we still don’t run on Windows XP.)
  • You no long need a username/password combination supplied by us. You can just create your own.
  • We’ve redesigned our entire website. You can check out our supplemental resources, easily reach tech support or just read about the latest happenings at 7 Generation Games.

Right now, we’re in 20 schools/after-school programs, where the game is helping raise kids’ math scores. On average, kids who play our game are showing a 300% improvement over kids who don’t. And we have individual users, like you, across the country and literally around the globe.

We’re working hard to get out games in the hands of even more kids. You can also donate a copy and we’ll give it to a school that can’t afford it.

Tell your local school about us – we’d love to connect with them.

Share the blog discount code with your friends.

What’s next? Not only have we have been hard at work for the last two years on Spirit Lake, but we’re also developing two other games – Fish Lake (which focuses on fractions) is in beta and Myths & Legends (our first iPad game) is in development. We’re also planning on releasing an iPad version of Spirit Lake in 2015.

7 Generation Games has big plans for the future, and we know that’s thanks people like you who support us.

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