Wharton Impact Venture Associates Selects 7 Generation Games as Deal

Wharton Impact Venture Associates, a student-run impact investing program out of the University of Pennsylvania, announced this week that it has sourced 7 Generation Games as a deal to connect for community round investment.

In sourcing 7 Generation Games, WIVA wrote:

Beyond the impact, the student team was incredibly impressed with the potential for strong financial returns. WIVA students are taught to research and evaluate the financial sustainability of businesses. Among other things, the students considered 7GG’s 120,000 registered users and string growth. 7GG has also leveraged $2.3 million dollars in non-dilutive grant funding to create their foundational technology, which has supported 20 games so far.

As part of the process, 7 Generation Games submitted its due diligence materials for review.

The organization’s student leaders also saw the value in and possible future applications of the technology that 7 Generation Games is building.

Wharton MBA students Radhika Deb Roy, WG’23, and Caroline Banwell, WG’23, who sourced the opportunity for the WIVA program, shared how their personal experiences matched the mission of 7GG: “For both of us, having grown up for a significant amount of time in more remote environments such as Seychelles and Alaska, we understand the power of being represented and growing up with role models that inspire us. Having researched the opportunity in detail, we see the potential of 7GG to impart not only hard skills to indigenous children but also soft skills such as perseverance and grit.”

You can read the full article on their site here. You can invest directly in 7 Generation Games community round through WeFunder here.

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