Why I Do What I Do

Think of all of the time people spend playing games on their phones, computers, Xbox. Yes, everyone. Even you. Now just imagine if all of that time added to what you knew about history, vocabulary and math. How awesome would that be?

It would be this awesome.

Unicorn emitting cupcakes from its nether region level of awesomeness

Unicorn emitting cupcakes from its nether region level of awesomeness

The games we make are a fun way to learn more about everything from Native American history to statistics but they are not to that level of awesomeness – yet. The more people play them, the more feedback we get, the more data we get on what works and what doesn’t , the better our games get. That is why I do everything I do – grantwriting, Kickstarter, beta testing – so we can keep improving our games until we are making the world better through technology.  Yes, even for you.

I figured, I only get one life so I better make it count.

I’ve had a lot of people ask me, some politely, some not so politely, whether it was Kickstarter, game sales or a letter of support for a grant – why are you doing this? As one person asked me bluntly,

“Do you really need my ten bucks?”

Well, not in the “I-will-starve-in-the-streets” sense, but yes, your support really matters, A LOT.

  • Every single license we sell shows funding agencies and accelerator programs that we are a serious enterprise with public support. Last time we had a Kickstarter campaign, 255 people backed us for a total of $21,000 and change. That support was key in obtaining additional grant money that enabled us to work for two years on game development.
  • We have to pay people to do the artwork, voice overs, video editing, sound editing and programming. Obviously, if a game isn’t good – which includes sound, graphics, story and game play – then people won’t play it and they won’t learn. Getting the word out about our games takes time and people insist on being paid for making up flyers, sitting at booths at conferences. When we fly to events to demonstrate our games, the airlines ask to be paid in actual money. We have offered both good intentions and awesomeness instead but those soul-less corporations turned us down and asked for cash!

If you want to see what we are working on now,


You can download demos of Fish Lake and Spirit Lake here

or click the red purchase button above to get the complete games.

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