Why Math Matters

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Yes, we are seriously doing a blog on why math matters. Why? Because a refresher is never bad.

We live in a world of fake news and where conspiracy theories currently challenge all basic knowledge, so don’t judge us for reminding people why math matters.

One of the greatest minds in the history of humanity was Galileo Galilei. He is quoted as once saying, “The great book of nature can be read only by those who know the language in which it was written. And that language is mathematics…Math is the way to understand all sorts of things in the world around us.” He’s absolutely right.

But, if math isn’t your strong point or are a teacher who sometimes needs to explain to students in the simplest of terms why math is important, we’re here for you. Here are some reasons why math matters.

bags of moneyMONEY

If you don’t know basic addition and subtraction then budgeting will be very difficult for you. If you can’t figure out a budget then life will be very difficult for you. See what we’re getting at? Worst case scenario, you can always try this magic wand AnnMaria thinks can help you solve your math troubles.


So much of our education system is based on test scores. If you don’t know math you can’t do well on your tests! Furthermore, how will you know what grade you need on an exam in order to reach the final grade you want or even pass? You need to know what’s the average grade you can get and if you can’t figure that out then you’re flying blind.



Math, Math, Math and more Math. AnnMaria is doing a DANCE because we got MONEY to make STEM games to help improve TEST SCORES.

Even those who are more artistically inclined depend on the guidance of math. When you’re learning to play an instrument you use math to keep the appropriate beat and rhythm. Even dancers choreograph their performances in counts of 8.


As you know mathematics makes up part of the STEM acronym. But, it is the key component in all of these fields because science, technology, and engineering cannot thrive without a solid foundation in mathematics. No math, no STEM.


In school, most students aren’t taught the art of negotiating. If you have solid math skills you’re likely to be better at negotiations than people who aren’t. When you’re offered a deal it’s usually more beneficial to the party offering the deal than it is for you. If you’re able to look at the offer whether it’s a new car, student loan debt rates, etc. and quickly calculate whether the offer benefits you or not you save yourself a lot of troubles, headaches and MONEY (see reason #1 again).

These are just some of the reasons why knowing math is so important and makes your life SO much easier. What are some reasons you think math is important?

Did you realize after reading this that you need to get better at math? Don’t worry, we’ve got games that can help. Get them here! 

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