Would You Want to Play This Game? (Spoiler: It’s an Overwhelming Yes!) 1

Anyone who has spent any time around kids knows that they don’t sugarcoat anything. Here’s what they said when we gave a few of them an opportunity to play 7 Generation Games and then asked them what they thought.

I’m in Utah for the penultimate (I just like being about to use that word in a context where it fits) week of BoomStartup. Next week is the big finale with our Demo Day presentations and all the ceremony that entails.

As part of our Demo Day presentation, we needed a demo. But we didn’t just want a demo of “here’s the gameplay behind me on the screen.” We wanted a video that showed kids playing and interacting with our game (as well as gameplay footage). I asked at my daughter’s school if we could film. It was not only because my family has a long relationship at the school we’ve had a member of my immediate family — first my sisters (we moved to Santa Monica when I was in high school), now my kids — almost continuously over the last 20 years; but also because the school curriculum is focused on blended learning.

Afterward, to get some feedback, we asked them what they thought about the games. These are kids who are used to educational software in the classroom, but when they walked into the classroom and sat down to play our games they were excited. They were having fun. And they were doing math. Not only that but they wanted to keep going.

It’s moments like these that help me power through the startup grind, and feedback like this that reinforces we’re doing the right things at 7 Generation Games.

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