Yes, We’re Famous

Post by Irma the Intern

Well, not quite. But we do have a reality TV channel!

We started this youtube channel almost 5 months ago to bring you raw footage of the daily life of a family-owned tech startup. We’ve had a few discussions with producers for a reality TV series but it’s on the back burner right now while we’re focused on making awesome games ready for the school year to start in 3 weeks (eek!).

Yes, our games improve math scores by 300%. And most importantly, you are learning while having fun. Our games are the definition of awesome.

It makes sense that we have awesome games because of our awesome team. Throughout the videos you will meet different people from out team and of course our President AnnMaria and CEO Maria.
In this channel you will find videos of AnnMaria calling Maria boring/wrong or vice verse. It’s the perfect mother-daughter duo with a lot of love and creativity for 7 Generation Games.

In our videos you can watch AnnMaria with a glass of wine while Maria is writing more rules for HR policies. AnnMaria then usually complains saying she isn’t allowed to have fun. Honestly, the videos speak better for themselves.

Of course we can’t forget about Julia. Julia is featured in many videos, including in her recent advice video. AnnMaria is typically the one giving advice but this time Julia took the show.  Did you miss this video? Lucky for you, here it is!

You can also see videos of the staff and more about our AWESOME company that sells awesome games! Check out our YouTube channel and our games too!

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