You should write a book on parenting

Maria and I have been told many times,

“You guys should write a book on parenting!”

So, we did. It is an ebook, 87 pages for $1.99 so less than 3 cents per page for brilliance like the following:

BUY HERE: Get Parenting Like I Know What I’m Doing for $1.99

How you like me now?

“Over the past 10 years, we have written over 1,000 blog posts. Most of those were written by me (AnnMaria), but Maria would argue hers were of higher quality. Four years ago, in response to an article in the Wall Street Journal “Why Chinese mothers are superior,” I wrote a post “Why American mothers are superior” because that was a more professional title than “F$%& you and the horse you rode in on.” Maria has told me this book was for parents and we could not have swearing in it. Hmph. So… that blog post got re-posted on Tech Crunch, and I received hundreds of comments between that site and my own blog, some of which agreed with me and some said,

“Who do you think you are? That Tiger Mom’s kid got accepted at an Ivy League university and played at Madison Square Garden. Except for one Olympic medal, what have your kids done?”

Let me answer that, but first, let me emphasize that the point is NOT that my kids are so much more successful than yours, so you should listen to me. No, if you read the first two articles here, you’ll realize that the real lesson is that we are all figuring out this parenting thing as we go along.”

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