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Unity is one of the most popular and accessible cross-platform game engines used today. So it’s no wonder there is such a large online community around it. Working in Unity when you come to a bump in the road, with a quick google search you will in all likelihood find a multitude of discussions forums on that very question. For those trying to learn Unity, below are 3 very useful websites:

1) Unity 3D Student: http://www.unity3dstudent.com/

This site contains a number of short video tutorials on how to do various things in Unity, from the most basic to more advanced tasks. There are also¬†practice game projects, for which it takes you through step-by-step all the things you’ll need to know how to do to recreate their example game. This is a great place to turn for people looking to learn the basics through the creation of simple games, or those seeking to learn new skills and techniques in Unity.


2) Learn Unity 2D: http://learnunity2d.com/

As it’s name suggests, this site is dedicated to materials and videos about developing 2D games in Unity. Most of the youtube videos and developer forums you’ll find out there are about making 3D games, so this site is particularly helpful for those working on 2D projects. The examples on this site are a little more advanced, so not necessarily the most useful¬†resource for someone brand new to Unity. Nonetheless, the content there will be highly interesting to anyone interested in game making games, experienced or not.


3) Unity’s Official Website: http://unity3d.com/learn

Sometimes there’s no need to overthink it. Perhaps the best resource of all is Unity’s own website. The “Learn” section features a host of video tutorials, documentation, and forums. The various materials cover essentially everything Unity. Like¬†Unity 3D Student, there¬†are downloadable example projects that correspond to video tutorial series explaining step-by-step how to recreate them. There are also tutorials¬†about developing 2D games that are more appropriate for a Unity¬†beginner than those found at Learn Unity 2D.


If you’re interested in making games then Unity is a great place to start; there is a free version available that is fantastic both for learning and building simple games. And as you can see the online learning resources are¬†abundant and high quality, so nothing to fear if you have no experience.




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