My Favorite 7 Generation Games’ Math Videos

As my final day in the office is coming to an end, I would like to reflect on the amazing work that is being done by the 7 Generation Games team. From the constant updates to Spirit Lake and Fish Lake to the development of a new iPad game, there is always an action item that needs our attention.

Nonetheless, I have had the opportunity to work on certain math videos for our Spirit Lake and new iPad game. And as a result, I have come across many of our instructional math videos in the process. Here are five of my favorite math videos that 7 Generation Games have created thus far.


1. The Stew Problem –  This video teaches us about fractions using the division of stew among a group of people.

2. Meeting in the Middle – Watch this to learn about how equivalent fractions can be used as part of a whole.

3. Probability, Guinea Pigs – Probability AND GUINEA PIGS!? Yes.

4. Buffalo Hunting – A word problem about hunting buffalo for the coming winter.

5. Using Division – And last, but not least, watch this to learn how to divide medicine, arrows, and dreamcatchers. (Narrated by yours truly)


As my time here is coming to a close, I would like to thank 7 Generation Games for their dedication and passion to education.


– Trent

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