Four answers to “Why do I have to learn this?”

As educators, we talk about teaching methodologies and the effect that different techniques such as gamification (teaching through games) have on students. Usually, we take it for granted  that education is the basis for human development, that learning is value in its own right.

If you haven’t had a student ask you, “Why do I have to learn this?” then you haven’t been teaching very long!

We  make software that teaches math, English and social studies. Obviously, since we all quit jobs with good salaries to start this company, we think it’s important, but why?

Four reasons why your education is important

  1. Security and confidence: Learning and culture are key elements for the acquisition of knowledge, which prepares you to discuss different issues with different people, providing a point of view from logic and reasoning.
  2. Opportunities: An educated person is more likely to choose. Learning a new language, being good at math, history or another, opens up a range of opportunities. For example: If you master a second language, you can access jobs whose requirement is to communicate with other countries and who knows even you could travel to one of them.
  3. Health: Education is not just math and language, it also involves the ability to make decisions. Knowing what foods are good for your body reduces the likelihood of contracting diseases such as diabetes, obesity or others. Also, having knowledge about the importance of the hours of sleep necessary for your body reduces stress levels and strengthens the immune system.
  4. Economy: If you have knowledge of math, you can easily learn about finance, not necessarily corporate finance, but also personal finance. With this, you can know how to properly manage your money and therefore have a stable and controlled economy.

If you want to learn math and reinforce your level of English, we invite you to try our educational games like Making Bilingual Camp! which is full of videos and activities, players can exercise their multiplication and division skills while learning strategies to solve math problems.

Here’s a video of Making Camp Bilingual being tested on Start-Up Chile, where Strong Mind Studios -our office in Latin America is based-



7 Generation Games makes immersive video games and interactive apps that teach math, integrating social studies and language arts – in English and Spanish. Our games target players ages 8-14, teaching multiplication, division, fractions, and statistics. Click the image below to see all of our games!

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