Meet us at the National Association for Bilingual Education conference

We’re looking for outstanding educators to interview as part of our National Science Foundation Innovation Corps project – and where better to find outstanding educators than at NABE?

At 7 Generation Games, we know that education is fundamental for all of our students, no matter their language or culture. Chile has a program called Inglés Abre Puertas – English opens doors. We truly believe that. We also believe, as our CEO, Maria Burns Ortiz often says

Through many diverse voices comes the truth.

These past few weeks we have been around the country meeting with educators and discussing what they perceive as the major priorities for research funding in STEM education and educational technology.

Do you roll your eyes when someone who hasn’t been in a classroom since they graduated college 20 years ago has the “solution” for education?

Yes, so do we.

Do you think maybe they should ask some actual teachers, principals and superintendents what THEY think should be done?

Yes, so do we.

Be part of the answer! Give us 15 minutes and share your experience

Email: or fill out this contact form. We’d like to interview you for 15 minutes and ask your perspective on major needs for education of K12 students in general and bilingual students in particular.

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Catch up our web series about the NSF from the beginning, watch the following video where a fabulous dance troupe presents the big reveal that started everything and how it might lead to $1,000,000 and some behind the scenes and thoughts by Maria and AnnMaria about the first week of I-Corps.

If you didn’t know, at 7 Generation Games we make educational video games that make you smarter! We strongly believe that learning does not have to be boring, with our video games you can learn Math, Statistics and History in English, Spanish and Lakota while playing and having fun.

In our games we combine different subjects so that you learn while you play, being math, a central part of this fusion. This is because, regardless of your history or culture, there has always been math.

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