5 Other Math Games We Like

Here at my internship I have been assigned quite a few tasks to help out the 7 Generation Games team. One of my assignments has been to go through various educational sites and rate them for other 7 Generation Game employees. While I have come across some great sites, I get ecstatic when I find other math games. The gamification of education is a relatively emerging field in academia, and finding cool games – like our own Spirit Lake – is extremely rewarding. Check out these 5 games that I have found that incorporate math and fun!


1. Big Brainz – Timez Attack

Subject: Arithmetic Game Involving RPG aspects

Explore dungeons and defeat challenges to move onto greater, more comprehensive levels. Play as an alien who has to beat various monsters and overcome obstacles with math skills!


2. Tiger Stat

Subject: Applied Statistics to Tiger Populations

Collect data from tiger populations on your way to compiling statistical models.


3. 2048

Subject: Fibonacci Sequence

One of the most addictive games out there! Combine multiples of 2 to get up to 2048.


4. Math Basketball

Subject: Algebraic Equations

Practice solving algebraic equations to score baskets.


5. Brain Chaser

Subject: Arithmetic Racing Game

Beat out the computer and win all of the levels on your way to mastering addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.



I can’t wait to see what other games I will discover in my ongoing index of educational websites!



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