How To Play Spirit Lake: The Demo 1

We are pleased to present a demo of our Spirit Lake game that you may freely   download. This demo consists of a portion of the first level of Spirit Lake. It omits some introductory material and stops midway through the first level. It also includes examples from the set of quizzes and math tutorials that are available when a student answers a math challenge incorrectly. The demo will give you a taste of what is available in the full game.

After launching the demo, you should see the screen below. From there, select the “CLICK ME!” button to start the game.

Spirit Lake Demo home screen

Demo home screen

The full version of the game includes a short tutorial level at the very beginning which walks the player through the controls. However, our demo will bring you right to your first task: collecting the right herbs to save your family.

Luckily the controls are very simple:

  • Use the ARROW KEYS to move (alternatively you can move with the 4 keys: W, A, S, and D, for Forward, Left, Right, and Back respectively)
  • While moving, hold down the SHIFT KEY to run
  • Press the SPACE BAR to jump
  • Press the ? (the / key) to open the help menu
  • Press the B KEY to view the items you’re carrying

And for those tasks which require you to use your bow:

  • Press the X KEY to shoot arrows
  • Aim your bow using the 4 keys: I, J, K, and L, for Up, Left, Right, and Down respectively.

That’s everything you’ll need to try Spirit Lake. If you forget any of these controls you can always press the ? KEY for a reminder. Enjoy!


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