5 Ways Fish Lake helps school from home

Do you have a Windows computer, Mac computer or an iPad?

Woman on path next to deer in Fish Lake game

One. You can run cooler games installed on a computer than on the web on a Chromebook.

That’s why there is no Grand Theft Auto, Assassin’s Creed or Animal Crossing for Chromebook. Did you think I was going to start with how awesome the education in Fish Lake is? I’ll get there, but the truth is your kids are probably sick of their Chromebooks right now and if you’re like most families, the longer your kids are home the more difficult it has been to get them to focus on their school work. Kids don’t learn from software they don’t use.

Two: Fish Lake teaches both social studies and mathematics.

Students will learn about Ojibwe history, culture and a little language, illustrated with artwork by award-winning artist, Stephen Gladue.

They’ll learn math in context as their character plans where to meet, fish, and hunt, using fractions.

Three: Fish Lake has a lot of math

One cool thing about Fish Lake is it does not just test you on math, but it teaches you too. Because fractions are the first really abstract concept that students encounter in math, it is super important that the understand what a fraction is. The game starts with explaining one-half is one of two, equal parts. It includes equivalent fractions, mixed fractions, improper fractions, adding and subtracting fractions with the same denominator, adding and subtracting fractions with different denominators and multiplying fractions by a whole number.

The right answer is that Majiikawis would ride for 3 hours because this is 1/2 of the way from one hunting ground to the other . 1/2 of 3 = 6
The game explains why answers are wrong and how to solve the problem next time

Four: Did I mention there is a lot of math?

As you play the game, you’ll notice that equivalent fractions, adding fractions, converting fractions to whole numbers and other topics come up multiple times.

I’ve taught math for a very long time and one thing I know for sure is that most students benefit from multiple examples in multiple contexts. Many people, including me, have criticized the math curriculum in most U.S. schools as a mile wide and an inch deep.

Fish Lake gives a foundation in fractions. The reason it only focuses on fractions and not even every fractions standard (we don’t get to division of fractions), is that we decided to give students sufficient practice to feel they understood the concepts taught.

When the hunter comes to the three rocks what fraction has he walked on the trail BACK to camp?
Not all number lines go in the same direction
red line

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Five: Data to see how your students are doing

There are 18 math challenges in the game and students must answer all of those correctly to win. If a student misses a problem twice, he or she must study and pass a quiz to continue playing. A student who gets every problem right won’t see any quizzes. Students who fail a quiz can select a different option to study and re-take it as many times as necessary.

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Sample report on student quizzes

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