7 Generation Games Presents the Greatest Expo Booth Ever

master floor plan

Initial 7 Generation Games Booth Floor Plan

It starts with a latte guy. Maybe it’ll be one of those latte guy food trucks. It will be right when you come in because everyone loves coffee. You’ll hear talk about it all over the expo hall, “Which booth is the one with the latte guy?” And the crowd comes straight to you.

Now, of course, that’s just the beginning. Now, you have to make a decision or as we’ll call it at our booth, “It’s choose your own adventure time.” If you go to the right, you can enter the “game zone.” (I’ll come up with a better name for it before it’s actually built.) It will be three stories of immersive gaming pods. I saw a couple different versions when I was at GDC – but basically, you’ll step into it and it will literally be like walking into one of our games. And you won’t need to wear one of those ridiculous looking headsets either. It will be awesome.

Next to that will be the yoga space, because you will likely want to relax after the intense gaming pod experience. Yoga practice may or may not be led by yoga master and Instagram guru @yogawithmillie. If she’s unavailable, we’ll have someone equally good. After your yoga session, we’ll provide a lavender towel to put over your eyes, and you can keep your yoga mat, which will have a nice large 7 Generation Games logo.

As cool as the game zone/yoga studio is, your eye will more likely be drawn to the center left where we will have the two story inflatable slide. Kind of like one of those bouncy house ones, you know. How does that tie into gaming?  you ask. Well, slides are fun, and so are our games. And come on, everyone is going to want to go down the huge inflatable slide after they’ve had their latte.

The slide will deposit you right in front of the 25-foot video wall, playing a sizzle reel of our games. The back of which will be a climbing wall, because again, fun, and also, why not?


We will have a cute, happy dolphin like this one.

But the pièce de résistance will the VIP koi pond/dolphin selfie pool. Blocked off by velvet ropes but in clear view of all the common attendees, we will have a dolphin tank where people that we deem very important will get to take selfies with our dolphin. Now, regular people will still be able to take selfies with themselves with the dolphin tank in the background (tank will clearly have our @7GenGames Twitter and Instagram handles and www.7generationgames.com URL for branding), but it won’t be the same as the envy-inducing up-close VIP dolphin selfie.

Then, of course, we’ll have the cool seating area – which will feature the elusive super cool looking furniture which is actually super comfy – where you can sit while you post your dolphin selfie and while our booth staff of 92 will tell you about the amazingness of our games and give you chance to demo them yourself. And like the dolphin tank, our logo will be spotlighted everywhere since as you can tell from the rest of the expo “booth,” we’re not going to subtly.

You’ll get one of each of these!

Last but not least, what everyone really comes to your both for is the goodies. Now, so often, you go to a conference and there’s a lot of swag that you know isn’t going to actually come home with you – weird foam hats, stress balls in various shapes, plastic cups, etc. That won’t be the case here. We’re going to give you nice, durable roller suitcase – the perfect carry-on size – that contains every device that 7 Generation Games runs on – a Mac, a Windows computer, iPad, Chromebook, Android tablet and phone – all fully loaded with 7 Generation Games (obviously)! And because this in the future, we’ll also toss in whatever we’re using by then for our upcoming AR/VR component (don’t worry, it will not be those awkward-looking headsets, but something at a school could actually reasonably afford.)

And that’s pretty much it. I mean, we don’t want to go crazy.

When is this happening? you ask. Well, I haven’t crunched the exact numbers yet, but we definitely need to bring in a some more revenue before we reach this point. (You can help us get their faster by buying our games!)

Of course, until then, if you see us at a conference expo, you should still totally stop by because we have information on our games, pencils, pens, stickers and free game licenses to give away as well as offer the opportunity to demo our games on a number of different devices – we just can’t give you the devices to take home, yet.

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