A Priests Walks into a Bar – Or Our Top 3 Podcasts

Maria and AnnMaria recordingIt has been over a year since we started our podcast. The “more than ordinary” people that we have on More Than Ordinary are awesome and come from a variety of different backgrounds and industries. From lawyers to tattoo artists to Maria and AnnMaria (mostly AnnMaria) ranting, we started our podcast to have good conversations with and get tips from inspiring people. In our very first podcast, AnnMaria told us a bit about herself. From there we’ve had an Army Sergeant-turned-UFC champion to a rock star to high school kids, who came by our office for More than Ordinary.

From all of our podcasts, there are 3 of my favorites:

#3 Maria’s and AnnMaria’s Guide to Traveling the World

Maria and AnnMaria talk about traveling tips ,from parents traveling with kids to traveling around the world. They discuss how traveling allows them to get to know their customers, bust up stereotypes and see new sites from the Alamo to the world’s largest buffalo. I love Maria’s quote, “Don’t stress about it because it’s just going to happen.” Although this was technically a parenting trip and I am clearly not a parent, this is still great advice. You can’t control what happens, but you can control your reaction. Thanks Maria!

#2 Lou Ferrigno: More than the Incredible Hulk

The Incredible Hulk, I mean Lou, is such a great guy. I also got to meet him and that was INCREDIBLE (no pun intended – OK, maybe kind of intended).

He shared his childhood experiences of being bullied due to his hearing impairment. He used weightlifting as his escape, and this is how he became the Incredible Hulk. Many times, myself included we jump to conclusions on people’s stories when we don’t know anything about them. Lou’s podcast is a good reminder that we shouldn’t do that.

#1 Father Mike: More Than Ordinary Priest

Not to be biased, but by far my favorite is the podcast with Fr. Mike. It’s the perfect: A priest walks into a bar with a bishop. Spoiler alert, that was a story in this podcast. As you can guess, Fr. Mike is not your typical priest. He’s been a voice from the voiceless and is a huge advocate for the basic human rights on immigration, the poor, and altogether social justice. He talks about where Maria’s sisters/AnnMaria’s daughters Ronda and Jennifer rank as altar servers and is still great friends with the family today. He’s a pretty awesome, “More Than Ordinary” priest.

And honestly, there are so many other awesome podcasts but these are my three favorites. Want to check more out? Click here!

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