Adventure Gaming: Find the bugs and eliminate

Everyone loves playing video games, but not everyone knows what it takes to participate in the creation of one. There is so much testing that goes into creating something that has a really good flow from one point to the next. There are a lot of little things that could go wrong or things that you could not foresee. Finding these problems is one of the most enjoyable things to me.

It’s not enjoyable because I take pleasure in finding mistakes. It is enjoyable because it means we are one step closer to making the best product we can make. I made my own game before and I had to test it to make sure that there were no bugs. I always put myself outside of the development mindset and try to do things not as a tester but as a customer. I want to make sure that what I purchased was worth the money for the effort that went into it. Having previous experience in game testing helps me find all sorts of little things, like being able to stick a spear into the air. You can’t do that in real life! And thanks to our efforts now the game will look and function better for our customers.

Spear in air

Finding bugs is not the only thing that is fun. The game itself is fun and engaging, making kids do math without making it seem like a chore. Using math is something that everyone does every day and I’m overjoyed to be contributing to something so great.

–Gonzalo, Intern.

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