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Our wonderful artist, Justin Flores, is always telling me that you can say more with art than with words. To show you our game progress on Aztech, our bilingual game coming out next year, I decided to include a couple of images on the off chance that he is right (I can hear him saying, “AnnMaria, of course I’m right. You know I am! “)

Picture of codices. The Mayans used these to record their history


This is one of the introductory pages. These occur during history class, just before the characters get sucked back to the past.

Here’s another.

Fire - the Mayan codices were burned by invaders


Notice that button on the left. Click it (not now, when you are playing the game!) and it will turn the text from English to Spanish. Of course, then another button will appear that says English and you can always click that to turn it back.

I put the language button on every page because maybe you understand English (or Spanish) some of the time but then sometimes you need help.

You know, I did not have this in mind at all when we designed the game but it just occurred to me this could be a pretty good game for Spanish classes as well as math, history and English as a Second Language.

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One thought on “An Aztech Picture Worth a Thousand Words

  • Melissa Hann

    Love this idea I will definitely buy this game as I love Spanish and need to brush up since I have lost a lot since Honors Spanish 4…it’s a shame…u don’t use it u lose it ?