Blended Learning

Going from a face-to-face lesson delivery model to a remote one is a huge change. Covid-19 changed the future of education. We need to adapt to new things: online lesson delivery, remote student engagement, new software, and student online safety, all while considering the impact of blended learning.

This new normal has left many teachers, students, and governments stunned because of the perceived lack of connectivity and technology that could potentially link classrooms and teachers together. Being in education, we know that it is necessary to carry out tests and experiments to know what works, what does not, and why. All of these questions help us forge a robust and sustainable path for the future.

So is it really feasible to teach online classes? Are students learning? Starting with these questions, new proposals are emerging in B-learning, which offers an intermediate alternative between the face-to-face and remote education models.


B-learning is an approach combining asynchronous pedagogical meetings (e-learning) with face-to-face (synchronous) meetings, and tailoring lessons using elements from each. B-learning model uses technology, communication, and different pedagogical models.

According to, face-to-face activities are characterized by having synchronous meetings where communication, debate, and interaction between peers prevail, while in virtual/online activities, technology is present as a facilitator between students and teachers, automation of processes such as evaluations, and the generation of virtual collaborative content.


  • Books, articles and other printed materials
  • Application of knowledge in team projects
  • Direct, immediate teacher feedback
  • Discussions
  • Face-to-face assessment


  • Videos, ebooks, online databases, assessments – delivered via learning management system (LMS)
  • Differentiated lessons. Students can choose what engages them best from a wide range of online resources.
  • LMS Collaboration: online discussion, student wikis, glossaries, monographs
  • Consultations and debates using online forums and real-time chat
  • Rating Management

Student progress using B-learning is being put to the test this year. Technology solutions are being considered in rethinking lesson delivery and student engagement.

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