Countdown to Christmas, Day 4: Seasonal e-Card

On the fourth day of the 7 Generation Games Christmas Countdown, 7 Generation Games gave to me…

This lovely seasonal e-card.

Inspired by the art in Spirit Lake and Fish Lake, we’re giving you this festive digital card as a way to say “Happy Holiday!” Feel free to pass the holiday cheer along to someone you know by sending it along – since it’s an e-card, you don’t even need to pay for postage!  (For a link direct to the image to share or download, go here.)

The card is also to forward along or print and gave as way of letting someone know you got them 7 Generation Games this holiday season. 

Did you miss Day 3 of our countdown? That’s okay, check out Day 3 of our Christmas Countdown here. While we’re counting down the days until Christmas, any day is a good day to get 7 Generation Games

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