Counting Scavenger Hunt: Ten-Minute Lesson

What do you do on snow days, rainy days and just days when your kids seem to have a little too much energy to sit still? How about a scavenger hunt where they run around and learn their numbers in Spanish and English all while learning how to use an augmented reality app? Oh, did I mention that the app, Counting by 2 Languages, is free?

First, download the app for your iPads from the app store.

Show the students the cards they need to find

(It’s also available from Google Play for Android.)

Second, print out the cards.

Enter your email within the app to get a PDF to print out the cards. Print out one set for every group. They look better in color, but the truth is they’ll work just as well in black and white. Some teachers laminate the cards. That’s totally not required but convenient if you do this activity over and over.

Third, hide the cards around your school.

This is a great activity to do in the gym. Put cards all around the room. Make sure you put some under medicine balls or other heavy items and others on top bleachers so that students have to go to a little extra effort to collect them all.

Option 1: Have students take a screen shot of what they see when they hover over each card

Fourth, give the students ten minutes to find all of the cards.

Tell them they have ten minutes to find all of the cards and point the device to see what comes up.

Option 1 : Show them how to take a screenshot with the phone or tablet and have them show you the 12 screenshots.

Option 2: Require students to tell you the names for each number in both Spanish and English.

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