Don’t Get Dumber over the Summer – Summer Learning Loss

It was a no-brainer, really. Everyone knows that kids lose ground over the summer and kids from disadvantaged homes lose the most, a phenomenon frequently referred to as “summer learning loss” or “summer slide.” So, why not put our technical skills to work and DO something about it?

Years ago, concerned about the “summer slide”, we came up with this idea of a website where kids would WANT to learn math and history

It was so popular, we made it into a game, Making Camp, and gave it away for free. We do this partly because we want to do our part to help kids learn math and succeed in school. Also, we think if you like this game, maybe you’ll check out some of our others.



If you don’t have an iPad or Android, you can play Making Camp on Mac, Windows or Chromebook here.

Check it out! Download it for your kids/ grandkids/ nieces/ nephews, even yourself (we won’t tell). After all, no one wants to get dumber.

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