Students Illustrate Indigenous Culture in the Growing Math Art Contest-Winners Announced!

Welcome to the 7 Generation Games and Growing Math Fall 2021 Art Contest Gallery!

Here, you can view all the submissions from the contest participants. Thank you to each and every one of you.

The theme for the art contest is Native American Heritage Month. Contestants’ grade levels ranged from 2nd to 8th grade.

Contest Winners

1st place, $100 prize – Sophie
2nd place, $75 prize – Charlis
3rd place, $50 prize – Estella with recognition for “Best Use of a Third Medium”

Recognition and Honorable Mentions

$25 prize – Technology Award Winner for Best Digital Art – Taryn
$25 prize – Emerging Artist: Miles
$25 prize – Honorable Mention: Kelis

Judge panel

Maria Burns Ortiz
Jeremy D. Arviso
Christy Hanson

Leah – 4th grade

“It’s a Fancy Dancer. It’s to remind us of the importance of carrying on our traditions.” –Leah

Thais – 3rd grade

“The War”

Miles, 2nd grade
Certificate of Recognition for Emerging Artist

Estella, 3rd grade

“A bracelet I made myself.” — Estella

Taryn, 6th grade
Technology Award Winner for Best Digital Art

“Dream Catcher: It is a dream catcher and it has different colors about feelings in the seasonal changes. It is based on the winter/fall season.” –Taryn

Sophie, 8th grade

“Puzzle Pieces: This piece is supposed to represent the Native Americans culture being puzzled back together.(Hence the puzzle pieces), as colonists began to take away their culture, it began to disband into forgotten memories. But in recent years Native culture is starting to assemble together.” –Sophie

Payton – 4th grade

“Every day we are indigenous walking in our moccasins.” — Payton


Recognition for Honorable Mention


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