First Virtual World Tourist Visas Issued 1


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Date: September 7, 2015

Dear Visa Holder ,

Congratulations on the approval of your tourist visa.

This visa is good for 90 days.

Unlike many lands in the world out where you are, 7 Generation Games virtual world allows visitors to earn a resident visa and stay as a permanent resident for up to one year. You may even earn citizenship in our virtual world, but that’s a way in the future.

As with all things worthwhile, becoming a virtual world resident or citizen requires work. You will be offered 25 missions over the next 90 days. To earn your resident visa, you must complete a dozen missions. We believe in free choice here at the Office of Tourism. Select the missions that suit you and ignore those that don’t.

Feel free to suggest missions of your own. The first five missions are listed below. As you are new to our shores, most of these missions will be open to everyone.

Each week, some of you will get offered individual missions as well.

Want to become a citizen of 7 Generation Games Virtual World? Click here to find out how and why.

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One thought on “First Virtual World Tourist Visas Issued

  • Dan Gross

    Fish Lake Version: Demo-1.0rc3-3-g60ca726
    When starting the game, I noticed that the game starts in windowed mode, not full screen mode.
    There is no menu of options for video, sound or controls. A “Video” option could be used for adjusting the graphics and/or screen resolution for the game. A “Sound” option could be used to adjust the sound effects, voice, and music. A “Controls” option could be used for changing or re-mapping the keys assigned for specific controls of the game. Another option could be to use the mouse for some control throughout the game, such as steering the canoe.

    Another option for the game could be a level selection to choose the skill or grade level of the user. Learning fractions may be a little too challenging for kids. My kids started learning fractions in 3rd grade.

    After completing the 2nd level of the game, the level continues to say “Level Two” even though I’ve completed additional levels and took the canoe down the river several time afterwards. Should the level change after each time the canoe task is complete?

    Is there any way to pause the game while taking the canoe down the river?
    Is there any option for quitting the game? Usually pressing the ESC key in a game will take you to a menu where you have the option to save or quit the game.

    If found no issues with the mathematics and problem solving part of the game. Overall this is a really fun and educational game.
    Please let me know if you need any more information or would like me to test anything further with this game.

    Thank you!