Free videos, lesson plans and student progress reports for teachers

Were you wishing that you could pull out the videos in our educational games for use in your lesson plans or classroom presentations?

Teachertube is a social network that allows you to have and share videos, audio, and documents that have been created by users in the education field. Unlike YouTube, Teachertube specializes in educational content focused on parents, students, and teachers.


That’s not all! Did you know we have a website dedicated to teachers?

Check it out here:

Each teacher needs more time. More time to meet the needs of each of their students, more time to grade students’ work, more time to prepare for meetings with parents.

What do teachers want? Not all teachers want a four-day weekend or a one-year supply of chocolate and maybe a glass of wine. What all teachers want is for their students to learn. That was why they became teachers in the first place.

Mathematics and Social Studies Resources

Our resources predominantly cover math standards taught in grades three through eight. You can enter a topic in the search box above or click on any of the links below to go directly to resources summarized by subtopic. Note: All videos and presentations are free. There is a charge for some games.

Student progress reports for parent-teacher meetings or IEP meetings

If you have a school or classroom license for our games, the progress report feature is available at no additional cost. If you need the link for the reports, ask your school administrator. Or, just email from your school email and we’ll send it to you.

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