Freebie Friday: Developmental Psychology Course 2

Happy Freebie Friday!

We have a special resource for you today courtesy of the boss, Dr. AnnMaria de Mars. As some of you may know,  Dr. De Mars is a professor with over 30 years of experience in education, having taught all across the country at universities and educational institutions. Dr. De Mars has written a vast number of articles, courses and workshops and we’re lucky enough to share with you an internet course on Development Psychology that she created during her time at Spirit Lake Consulting.

This comprehensive and extremely useful resource, is a bonus for students and teachers studying psychology or looking to get a better grasp on the discipline. The topics covered are everything from Pregnancy & Birth, to Aging and Death. This scientific study on human beings and the stages of life, is a fascinating and an informative read.

Take some time for yourself, find a quiet spot this weekend and go through the course. You might be surprised and see yourself in a new way!



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2 thoughts on “Freebie Friday: Developmental Psychology Course

  • Melissa Pontello

    I’ve always had an interest in the subject matter as my childhood was anything but normal. It has led me to explore the differing elements that express themselves in children and the means of mentoring to guide them through adversity. I so appreciate your gift to the world as I understand the dedication having been in the field of teen intervention through corrections and then outreach as I’m convinced the answer is proactive and not reactive as our society treats it. : )