Freebie Friday: Solving Timeline Problems – Videos

Congratulations for making it through another week!

With kids out of school for summer break and families planning trips, we want to give you today’s freebie that comes straight from our soon-to-be-released, AzTech Games.

The game of AzTech begins when two students are kidnapped and taken back in time to the Mayan empire. They need to find their way back to Iowa in 2015, learning about their history and statistics along the way. Since time is a key component of the gameplay, understanding eras and timelines is important to advance further in the game.

With that in mind, today’s freebie is a video explaining how to use a timeline and how to solve timeline problems with B.C.E. (Before the Common Era). The videos:  “How to Solve Timeline Problems with B.C.E.” and “How to Solve Timeline Problems with B.C.E. (in Spanish)“, play before challenge levels in the game. The video explains the different uses of ‘timeline’ and how math can be used to discover the number of years between different dates/eras.

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