Congratulations for making it through another week! With kids out of school for summer break and families planning trips, we want to give you today’s freebie that comes straight from our soon-to-be-released, AzTech Games. The game of AzTech begins when two students are kidnapped and taken back in time to the Mayan […]

Freebie Friday: Solving Timeline Problems – Videos

We’re celebrating the end of another busy week. Today’s Freebie is the Understanding Bar Graphs PowerPoint presentation from our upcoming game, AzTech: UNDERSTANDING BAR GRAPHS – PowerPoint Presentation This presentation complements the Common Core-aligned Number and Operations in Base 10 standards. These charts and graphs are found and used within the game! […]

Freebie Friday: AzTech – Understanding Bar Graphs

The 7 Generation Games offices have been busy again this week as development and testing continues on our our newest game, AzTech. As schools test the playable version, we are fine tuning levels and double & triple checking math challenges and activities. In wanting to share elements of AzTech with […]

Freebie Friday: AzTech Movies – Mayan Trading & Mayan Hunting

Annie Hammond offers insight from an educator’s perspective on educational gaming. I recently saw a cartoon on social media that read, “I used to tell people I was a teacher. Now I prefer the title Data Collection and Management Specialist. It’s much more accurate.” This could not be closer to […]

A Teacher’s Point of View: That’s Mrs. Data Collection and ...