forgotten trail

We’re starting a new series of videos called: Characters Behind the Characters, spotlighting the talent behind the people who bring life to our games. Today we’re diving into Forgotten Trail and bringing you an introduction with the lovely and talented Julia de Mars. Julia provides the voice for the lead […]

Characters Behind The Characters: Julia de Mars

Happy Freebie Friday! Congratulations on making it through another week and as a reward we’re giving you a sneak peek at our newest game, Forgotten Trail. The high demand and interest for Forgotten Trail has been overwhelming, as people have been asking to play the game. Originally part of our […]

Freebie Friday: Welcome to Forgotten Trail – Mini Game

classroom 1
Annie Hammond offers insight from an educator’s perspective on educational gaming. A new school year is a fresh start for teachers and students…right? Of course it is! That is until the previous year’s testing results arrive. Just when teachers and students are putting one year behind them, and looking forward […]

A Teacher’s Point of View: “And The Results are In…”